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  • Do you file taxes?
    We do not provide tax filing services for your personal or business tax returns. We do, however, have a great referral for you. Whether you chose to work with our referral, or your own CPA, we will work closely together with your tax preparer throughout the year & tax time. We firmly believe in year-end tax planning!
  • Are you a CPA?
    No, we are not CPAs. My team and I are accountant and bookkeepers with 20 years combined experience of running businesses, starting businesses & having the backs of businesses.
  • Who are your typical clients?
    I have a range of clients ranging from single owner hair stylists to 25+ employee construction corporations. If you have the need - we have the help! Bloggers & Influencers Boutiques & Retail Construction Estheticians Event & Wedding Planners Hair Stylists Law Offices Medical Industry Photographers Pool Service Industry Real Estate Agents Social Media Managers Transitional Homes
  • How can I justify the investment when I can learn to do this myself?
    You can also learn how to change your own oil right - but you hire someone to do this for you because they're not just expelling and replacing oil. They're looking at your entire vehicle to make sure it's running smoothly. I like to think of Desert Boutique Bookkeeping as your outsourced accounting team that takes care of you while you take care of business. Plus, the monthly fee is much cheaper than hiring someone in house, even part-time, to keep track of your day-to-day transactions. Plus - are you really going to do it yourself? :)
  • What other services do you offer?
    Additional services include: Sales tax prepayments Sales tax returns Payroll 1099 prep & filing Bill pay services PPP application & forgiveness application SBA loan help
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